Redefining Power

Survival of the fittest by Charles Darwin is interpreted wrongly in the present world. The phrase has been taken so seriously that the humanitarian state seems to be lost in the sheer hatred shared by the mankind. The definition of the ‘fittest’ needs to be redefined. The phrase is applicable in the animal’s world, not in the world of rational animal, the man. Power does not resemble the ferocious approach or the physical strength or the wealth of the person. Power is not about the ‘Indira Gandhi’ approach or ruling a state on the totalitarian principle. Power is when you are able to serve the clan of humans. Mother Teresa or Martin Luther King was more powerful than Hitler-the tyrant. Power should not be feared at, rather should be respected.

Today’s world has bent on one side, where the powerless people are looked down upon by the aristocrats or someone who is well off. Power does not lie in killing; rather it lies in giving birth or nurturing the abandoned one. Man needs to see the ‘servant-leader’, but today’s man is either the leader of the servant or servant of the leader. The day when these two start working together, matching shoulder to shoulder, then the world actually would stop hunting for power.

By Tanu Ahuja

PGDM 2014-16