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Top 9 Reasons Why PGDM Program is a Great Career Path In 2022

In 2022, over 90% of businesses indicated they will hire business graduates resulting in rising PGDM career opportunities in the upcoming years. Despite a worldwide pandemic and economic and political uncertainties, demand for business expertise across industries continues to increase.

When considering the abilities and expertise necessary to assist businesses sectors in rebuilding following events such as COVID-19, it is understandable that employers are expressing a desire to recruit more PGDM Graduates.

Reason For Rising Need Of Business Graduates

More than 73 lakh jobs were lost in the pandemic. It affected everyone in the company, from entry-level employees to upper management. Because of the current lifting limits, those available roles require the employment of a competent worker.

Companies will increasingly seek out employees who are innovative, understanding, skilled and prepared to work with flexible hours. Again, it is because of the influence Covid has had on every industry.

Employees would be able to cope with the mental stress caused by the epidemic while still producing productive outcomes with this capacity. Students graduating from institutes that prepare them with such skills in all management business areas can fill the market deficit.

MBA Or PGDM – What Is The Best Option For You?

Now the question in your mind would be: ‘What should I choose? Which is better, MBA or PGDM?’ Even though both programmes last two years and are offered by prestigious B-schools to train students for lucrative management careers, there are some similarities and distinctions between the two.

The most significant distinction is that business schools that offer PGDM programmes can alter their curriculum in response to changing company demands and industry behavior. As a result, they can swiftly adopt new methods, techniques, and technologies to provide cutting-edge instruction to their students.

Students might benefit from B-schools that offer PGDM programmes by inviting visiting teachers from around the world for a more immersive learning experience. In addition, business schools that specialize in on-campus PGDM programmes place a strong emphasis on students’ overall development through soft-skill and leadership-based courses and activities, extracurricular activities, and rigorous industry connection through guest speakers.

Benefits and reasons to pursue PGDM at this stage of career include:

  1. It benefits students intellectually and in the development of their communication and leadership abilities.
  2. Classroom lectures, role plays, guest lectures, business trips, summer internships, and personality development programmes strengthen their decision-making abilities, increase their critical thinking, and shape their personalities.
  3. A PGDM graduate may be an extremely significant addition to a company due to all these critical skills.
  4. People in positions of authority are incredibly resourceful. It is required for them to be successful in their profession.
  5. Planning, team management, organizational and analytical abilities are just a few of the many skills you’ll gain while pursuing your PGDM.
  6. PGDM graduates in India have better professional PGDM career opportunities.
  7. It integrates many disciplines such as economics, psychology,mathematics and accounting.
  8. The PGDM programme provides students with abilities necessary to compete in a global business environment.
  9. The PGDM programme provides students with the ability of reasoning and building trust required to thrive and lead others with ease.

Now that you have the answer to which is better, MBA or PGDM and what are the reasons to pursue PGDM at this stage of career, you need to look for a good college.

Why IMT Nagpur Is The Perfect Choice For Your PGDM

Because of its industry-oriented curriculum, IMT Nagpur has emerged as a pioneer among the best PGDM colleges in Maharashtra. IMT Nagpur is recognised as one of the top PGDM institutes due to its high teaching standards, practical learning modules, and utilization of industry professionals.

Here are some of the advantages of attending one of the best management colleges in Nagpur:

  • Networking Possibilities: One of the significant advantages of enrolling at IMT Nagpur is the networking opportunities available to students. Networking with leaders and peers in your field helps you gain insights and advice from those who have already achieved success. You could also learn about pertinent news and upcoming developments in your neighborhood. Networking also teaches you how to engage effectively with people. Students are encouraged to communicate with their classmates and form long-lasting relationships on campus.
  • Overall Skill Development: In order to rise swiftly up the corporate ladder, a college student must emphasize on gaining speaking skills, creativity, thinking abilities, and growing emotional quotient. IMT Nagpur encourages soft skills development through an interactive learning environment in which students gain practical experience in applying their knowledge. At the same time, students learn to build other abilities that will help them in the future.
  • In-Depth Knowledge: Teachers have areas of competence in the disciplines they are qualified to teach. These teachers use their topic knowledge to communicate crucial information to students. It is also true at IMT Nagpur. Experts in the area help students obtain a thorough grasp of subjects. They learn information beyond the books and improve their position when they walk out into the world.
  • Internships: Internships are essential in establishing one’s career. It provides students and graduates with real-world working experience and helps them develop the skills necessary to stand out in a competitive employment market. Internships are encouraged at IMT Nagpur for the duration of the degree. It gives students significant industrial experience and expertise, giving them an advantage as future professionals and leaders.
  • Personal Development: A higher education equips you to conquer complicated tasks and endure adversity, contributing to enhanced happiness and decreased stress. The campus of IMT Nagpur offers a healthy learning environment in which students may develop into well-developed individuals.

IMT Nagpur’s PGDM programmes provide experience and ideas on how organizations may increase their efficiency and productivity. Furthermore, students who are worried about CMAT accepting top colleges should rest easy because IMT Nagpur is one of India’s premier colleges that accept CMAT scores.

After finishing the PGDM from IMT Nagpur, students would be confident in their abilities and qualities. Aside from education, an institute should provide a space for students to form identities and learn how to interact with others to accomplish synergistic growth.

So, visit IMT Nagpur, one of the best CMAT accepting top colleges, and explore the PGDM career opportunities you deserve!