Student Stories

Ray of Light

Is the world just an amalgamation of different perceptions? Does our collective conscience impact our reality? I am sure those who follow the law of attraction have strong views on the same and maybe, even a fan of the Matrix series could imagine the world to be a virtual reality software and reality to be in the reigns of some other omnipresent power. During the time of this pandemic, when the world is topsy-turvy and we question our beliefs on reality and whether the circumstances of the world are in sync with our belief about what the world should look like, I too questioned myself on a few things.

Our education system has always driven us to produce more; produce more relevant content in exams and get good grades, do more extra-curricular activities and get awarded, invest your efforts in competing with your classmates, the one to produce better results wins the competition.

Our capitalist world has conditioned us to run after productivity- being popular on Instagram and following your favourite celebrity’s fashion trends is important. However, if your world was just confined to your own home, none of that would really matter to you. You’d learn to find happiness in your family or in the small things in life like being snuggled up in bed with hot chocolate or just playing the good old board games with your family, (I’m talking about a real ‘Board’ not the virtual ‘Ludo’ that people play nowadays), or even just escape into the adventures of your all-time favourite book. Sometimes the stillness and the slow pace of life brings with it a satisfaction that cannot be achieved by the fast paced world whose major focus is to chase deadlines!

If you ever go on meditation retreats or other mountain expeditions with no contact with the outside world, you’ll realize that this isolation is enlightening in its own way. You get so lost in the calmness of this world that the hustle-bustle of the fast paced life would start feeling futile. You might even start perceiving desires of wealth and fame as over-rated. Maybe one of the reasons why humans flee to the mountains to find peace is because its vastness and beauty gives us a feel that the world is complete and fulfilling in itself. You wouldn’t feel the need to follow celebrities on Instagram or follow the latest trends. When you are up in the mountains, you are as trifle as any human or any celebrity, for that matter, would be.

You feel larger than life when you sit like Gods amidst the mountain tops where you can view the tiny world below. That’s when we realize how easy it is for us to fall to our peril and how insignificant we really are. Maybe that makes us realize how much we’ve heightened our own importance in this vast universe. We are the embodiment of dust and to dust we shall return.

The ongoing pandemic is, but, a reminder of the same. It’s an alarm that’s warning us to slow down our pace of life- to take a deep breath and start being mindful about things that really matter- our feelings, our family, our relationships, the simple joys of eating three meals with your family, and having heartfelt conversations with our loved ones, the little things of life that makes us feel alive, and our inner connection with everything out there in the world without which we are incomplete. Just like a rain drop becomes complete once it falls back into the ocean. We all are our own source of peace and beacon of light, which when combined can make the world peaceful!

Harshita Kajaria | PGDM 2018-20