Student Stories

Rainbow of Chaos

Dreaming my 4 a.m. fantasy while watching a movie, sitting in my hostel room and keeping up with what it had to offer me. Soon after the character focused on the word “Chaos”, my mind got lost in the magical work of thinking, ‘Is chaos the right word to define everything in our life?’ Then I realised Chaos is everywhere, it’s a part of the life we live.

A person with an mind with logic will define chaos as a disarray of thoughts or confusion Confusion related to life, decisions or virtues. The disorder or disarray is a part of everything we do, no matter how hard we try to avoid it.

It is rightly said- “All great changes are preceded by chaos”.

Introspecting my life, I realised how I had no idea few months back what is there for me in the new place. Now, being at this stage of life, I am aware of the journey I will embark upon and that world would be full of chaos but a beautiful one. I definitely have no idea how my journey would be here, but definitely it will be enriching.

 Sometimes it’s good not knowing everything before. To have the anticipation of not knowing what is to come, is what makes life exhilaratingly beautiful. Exploring the difficulties of life, feeling pain, having fear and confusion, falling in love, experiencing heartbreaks, facing difficulties and regaining hope are some of the few stages in life everyone faces at some point in their lives.

Accepting the chaos in life, you will learn to accept and love yourself. The next time you fear, face it; face emotional disturbance, let the pain sink in and try to get the best out of yourself and realise that there is a world full of opportunities waiting for you after this chaos. Chaos is the ladder, not a pit. In the midst of chaos, lies the opportunity that can change your world.

Mahima Arora | PGDM 2018-20