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Place close to my heart.

Track pants, sport shoes, water bottle and full energy, I was all set to visit Takedi. Takedi is the local language name for a small hillock that is draped with trees, shrubs, grass and rocks. The natural appeal and calm about the place is what attracts the people making this a perfect in-the city picnic walking and picnic spot. Vehicles, beyond a point are not allowed here, hence this place has remained silent, safe and clean. The songs of birds, gusts of wind and the open blue sky only adds to the beauty of place while the sunset or sunrise are the added icing. The view of the entire city seems like scattered thoughts of someone who can look beyond the horizons and for whom there are no limits to achieve. Rarely is a city blessed with such a unique and amazing place located right in the heart of it. The Takedi stands above all its neighbors, mocking at their puny size signifying to aim and achieve higher in life. It is especially beautiful at night when the city glitters in the golden color of the street lights, the buildings and the amazing moon. This is the perfect me time for nature lovers.


During the rains this place gathers new life as many new plants and smaller animals make the takedi their home. The sheer amount of green, smell of the soil, few barren rocks, shrubs and the small narrow paths that wriggle through the bushes give this place a raw jungle feel.

A recluse for nature lovers, a get-away for the citizens, a huge playground for children, a seclusion for lovers and a home for the innumerable birds, animals and plants that reside here, the whole city has been enriched by its presence.

I feel truly blessed to have it this in the city, a place which is close to my heart for its grandness, natural beauty and its significance.

Shivani Yawalkar |PGDM 15-17