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On The Other Side: A film by IMT Nagpur students

IMT Nagpur students have done it yet again. Their creative talent can be seen in their latest venture which happens to be a feature length film titled, On The Other Side. The efforts put in by these future market leaders have been appreciated by all.

IMT Nagpur students have come up with an exciting new venture: their feature length film titled, On The Other Side. The film has already gained rave reviews from various film makers from Mumbai. On The Other Side has been received well so much so that IMT Nagpur’s name has been listed in Shamiana Mumbai’s newsletters.

The film was screened on 19th December at 4 pm. The venue chosen for the screening of On The Other Side was Tiered 4 which is located in the IMT Nagpur campus premises itself. This special screening was done as a part of their creative forum – Ureka. All the faculty members ofIMT Nagpur were invited to attend this screening. The Times of India team also came down to the campus especially to watch the film.

This interesting and gripping psychological thriller was based on three instances of a person’s existence: the real world, our soul and behind the mirror. The story staring Garvit Bhardwaj, Vaishali Bathla and Prof. Vikramaditya Ekkirala from IMT Nagpur revolves around the lives of the protagonists, Vikram and Neha being played by Garvit and Vaishali respectively.

The story begins with the female protagonist, Neha suspecting her husband of infidelity. The suspicion arises after having spent 5 years with each other and grows as the story moves further. Neha eventually starts feeling the presence of some supernatural entity in her life. She feels that this entity is trying to convey some message to her via a means that is unknown to the human senses. It is possibly a parallel universe that runs behind the mirror. The presence of this entity makes her feel terrified of her surroundings.

The film directed by Abhinav Kamal from IMT Nagpur is sure to cause a chill run down your spine.

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