Okonomos, the Economics forum at IMT Nagpur

“Okonomos” – the Economics forum at IMT Nagpur promotes interest in day-to-day business happenings and inter-disciplinary interactions. Through its activities it brings a practical approach to classroom learning. Activities such as budget symposium, panel discussions, business games, B-plans are regularly conducted by the forum.

A unique point about the subject this forum deals with is that its scope is not limited to a particular trade or field or stream; it is directly related to all the fields. A small change in the economic policy can have magnified effects on the overall functioning of an organisation – this explains the importance of understanding the subject of economics. Okonomos organizes a series of events on monthly or bi-monthly basis to serve as a continuous pool of learning and knowledge.

The academic year 2011 for Okonomos initiated with conducting a guest lecture. There were a series of mind boggling games and events to test the student managers’ understanding of the market scenarios with virtual stipulations.

First among them was a Milestone-34 event wherein student managers from Milestone teams honed and tested their business acumen and economics concepts in the “Okonomos Trade Watch (OTW)”. It was a refreshing and entertaining commodity trading game simulating the dynamic market conditions. Each team was given stocks and capital to trade among themselves and with the OTW. The winner was the team with the highest endowment in the end.

Followed by it was a stock trading game “Fornitura” which drew the interest of a large number of students. It was based on various market scenarios and consequent fluctuations in prices. It was an intresting game of predictions and fundamental understating of stock market in a virtual setup. It was coupled with an interesting quiz and videos to withhold interest.

Moreover an inter-college event, The Kingdom of Throopence was also organized by Okonomos in the Milestone 35 event. The event witnessed enormous response with participation from various B-schools across India. The participants enjoyed being a part of the event whereby they were exposed to a virtual economy, stimulated by Team Okonomos, which included various activities such as banking, spot trading, future trading, betting etc. Apart from all these there was a news screen where all the major happenings in the economy were being flashed and it was upto the participants to take the smartest decision by foreseeing its effect on the economy.

These stimulating and thought provoking games have gone to a great extent to improve the understanding of students in the field of current market scenarios which is of absolute necessity. Moreover the forum has launched its website okonomos.weebly.com which provides a platform for discussions and deliberations of all the major current issues and happenings. It also provides updates on current issues to its students through its facebook page.

Additionally, it comes up with a monthly issue of OKONOMIST, a business magazine which provides a quick review on major happenings and is generally based on a theme and its repercussions.

Thus, Okonomos continues to be a constructive companion of all the student managers and caters to their information related requirements.