Darkness, poem


“Expectations of a sunrise
When it’s dark all around.
Waiting for the morning surprise,
When light again is to be found.”

Is it just me who loves the darkness,
Or are there others, too?
Light makes me feel the sadness
That I see on the faces in blue.

I can’t see anyone in dark
And nobody sees me
Where there is no remark
And there is no tragedy.

Nobody lives and nobody dies,
There are no worries on faces.
Nobody is happy and no one cries
And dead are all the races.

You can’t see me, I can hide
No emotion is left unexpressed
Nobody cares yet nobody fights
Everyone’s leading, nobody suppressed.

I don’t care who and what you are,
I am not jealous of you.
All the relationships are kept far
And one never cares for new.

There is so much more to darkness
Than there is to sunshine.
Do you see the world’s harshness?
Or do you even see that everyone’s fine?

Mansi Rayat | PGDM 2016-18