Sitting in the classroom, I hear the rain outside and I asked myself just one question “What am I doing?” Many answers echoed in my head starting from “sitting in a class” to “building my career”. But then none of them soothed the demand of that question, and I looked around at all other students who unlike me seemed to be less ignorant and were busy listening to the lecturer. And then again I asked another question to myself “What are we all doing in this class? From the zealous lecturer to the student looking at his wristwatch, what is that one thing that we all are doing right now” The answer, though vague, was not a strange one “Waiting, we all are just waiting”. Someone was waiting for the lecture to get over; another was waiting for the next scheduled lecture. Someone was waiting for a text and another, for someone. That is how the time called ‘now’ passes, waiting for the next moment. In fact our whole lives are nothing but an aggregate of moments dedicated to waiting. And then, when we look back, we think….we could have lived those moments.  We are fools, aren’t we? We give away something we have; waiting for something we are not even sure of. But then, that is what they call wisdom and prudence. Or is it? Can’t we simply shape up the moments we have right now, which indeed will shape the moments to come? Isn’t it true that the right moment is “right now”? What do they mean when they say opportune moment? Some more questions that need to be answered, but right now, I will just live, i will live in the moment and not worry about the next.


Madhavi Lila

Corporate Communication Committee