Student Stories

Not Just A Guy on The Wheelchair

MBA, a dream for many, and a compromise for many more. Students spend lakhs of their parents’ hard-earned money just to add another line to their CV, or maybe to get validated by the society. Apart from these, there is another category of students who pursue an MBA, that do not know what to do with their lives yet, but follow the bandwagon in the hope of stumbling upon their passion. I am someone who belongs in that confused category of people who are here just to reach where they are meant to be.

‘Recognition and understanding are the two basic things that a person desires’ and being a social animal, man can go to any extent to attain them. Recognition comes easy to the differently-abled people. Now, one could describe ‘differently-abled’ in many ways. It could mean being the most stunning looking person in a crowd, most intelligent person in a room or being the only person riding a wheelchair in a 27-acre wide campus among 600 others. Understanding, the more difficult feat to attain, is something that can make you or break you as a person. There is a fine line of difference between empathy and sympathy but there is a vast difference in how people look at you in both these scenarios. On one hand, people feel what you’re going through and understand your state, on the other, they look at you with sorry eyes and feel bad for you. For a man with high integrity and passion, sympathy is something really demoralising and also an excuse for people to judge your accomplishments. It’s like you didn’t earn what you have, it was given to you.

Being away from home for the first time is difficult, being away from home when you are the most pampered kid on the planet is really difficult, but when the most pampered kid who is away from home injures himself in the very first week, the going becomes really tough.  It could have been a really uphill task for me to survive in the campus if it were not for my friends’ unbounded encouragement, endearment and empathy. Home away from home, I finally understood what it really meant, “Home is where you gather grace.” It might sound like I’m complaining a lot about all of this, but honestly speaking, being the guy on the wheelchair did help me learn a lot about myself and this world, now, I feel it’s time for the world to learn who this guy is.

Akash Madhogarhia | PGDM 2019-21