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Navdeep of IMT-N grabbed his plum job while as an intern

Four students from IMT-Nagpur managed to get the Pre-placement interview offer. One of them was lucky enough to grab the job as well. Navdeep is the first student from the 2010-12 batch to fetch the placement offer.

Navdeep attended his summer internship program at Asian Paints Ltd. He was into the sales and marketing division during his internship program and shares that the work “pertained to understanding the gaps in the existing offering and developing a strategy to improve Asian Paints market penetration for its Tinting machines”.

He was assigned a project in Gujrat, where in, his job was to conduct a market survey in order to find out as to why most of the new dealers were installing paint tinting machines without approaching APL. He was expected to find out the reason behind this sudden change in the Gujrat market, analyse it and build a strong strategy which can help in raising APL’s tinting machine penetration in the city. The project was a great learning experience for this IMT student. He says, “It was tough to understand the new industry and its dynamics. I travelled almost 4000 kms acrossGujaratfor the Project to many backward towns with only a single paint dealer. It was a great learning experience and more so an eye opener about how well the organizations have set up their distribution channels and dealer networks. I also got various insights into the mindsets of dealers across different strata of the society.” Navdeep carried out the task with utmost dedication and its outcome couldn’t have been better; APL was so impressed with his hard work and devotion that it gave him the PPI offer right away and finally selected him for a suitable position in the company.

On being asked if he was prepared to handle the position given to him during the summer internship program at APL, he answered that he wasn’t prepared at all. It was the first time he was stepping into such a large organization. He had no prior work experience unlike the other summer trainees in his batch. However, he had been the marketing head of the college youth council and had been involved in several extra co-curricular activities at IMT-Nagpur. Managing time and resources efficiently is something that comes naturally to him. These were two of his strong points that helped him throughout the internship. He also studied about APL’s background, its products and services before going for the SIP and it proved to be of great help for him.

Navdeep believes that one thing that set him apart from the other trainees was his knowledge about the industry basics. He says, “I spent a week understanding the backhand depot operations and understanding the product portfolio of APL, which was not required for my project per se, but I believe the initial time that I spent understanding APL was what made the difference between me and others getting the PPI and then the job.” He further adds, “I always stuck to the basics and tried to understand the root of the problem.”

He feels that internship program is an essential part of a PGDM course as it provides the required exposure to the students before they set out for their actual ventures in the corporate world. He also shares how his SIP at APL has helped him learn and grow professionally.

Navdeep is proud to be a part of IMT-Nagpur and has a number of good experiences to share. He appreciates the infrastucture and facilities at the campus. As per him, “The brilliant infrastructure and facilities of the IMT-N campus give us ample chances to have fun, rejuvenate and exhibit our talent in various different ways.”