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“My First lesson Always, To My Students Of IMT Nagpur Is That Products Are Important, But The Marketing Man Is Very, Very Important. The Person Will Only Take An Interest In Your Offering, If He Takes An Interest In You First.” – Says T.K.Chatterjee, Associate Professor IMT Nagpur

Where do you go once you’ve reached the top of the corporate ladder… When you’ve achieved all that you had set out to?

Way back in 2006, sitting in his plush office, it was a question that Mr. T.K.Chatterjee, CEO, Utkal Automobiles Ltd., had been asking himself rather often.  An accomplished chess player, it had taken Mr. Chatterjee, 23 years of making the right moves, to grow from a simple sales executive, to a mid-management employee, to being a part of the senior management, till he earned the coveted CEO’s chair. There were no more rungs to climb. Mr. Chatterjee explored deep within, and was surprised to find a growing desire to share all his experiences with those who could benefit from it. Mr Chatterjee wanted to teach. But were there any takers for him?

6 years, and 5 prominent B-schools, down the line, Associate Professor T.K.Chatterjee, IMT Nagpur, has realised that experience always has takers.

“Students, in IMT Nagpur and beyond, value the opportunity to listen to a person, who has practiced what they aspire to pursue. 30 yrs back I started out, selling office automation products like electronic typewriters for the Remington brand. I then went on to sell automotive batteries, Xerox machines, air-conditioners and water-coolers for Shriram Refrigeration, and last but not the least, Mahindra and Toyota cars. My first teaching to my students at IMT Nagpur is always that products are important, but the marketing man is very, very important. The person will only take an interest in your offering, if he takes an interest in you first.”

Prof. T.K. Chatterjee embarked on a full-fledged academician’s career in 2007, as a faculty member with ICFAI, and after a couple of interesting stints with KiiT School of Management and EMPI Business School, he was snapped-up by IMT Nagpur. All this while, he has been a visiting faculty at Xavier Institute of Management at Bhubaneswar, as well.

“Attention, interest, desire, then action and finally satisfaction; everybody knows the buy-in cycle. But it all starts with ‘attention’. And to draw that attention, you’ve got to have the right grooming and soft skills – right down to the voice modulation. This forms the basis of my classes in IMT Nagpur. Content is very important. It builds on the knowledge base. But it has to be coupled with live cases, delivered effectively. Teaching, too, is purposeless if it does not capture attention.”

Professor T.K. Chatterjee celebrated the first anniversary of his association with IMT Nagpur on the 18th of April 2012. In this one year at IMT Nagpur, he feels he’s grown younger and a lot fitter.

IMT Nagpur is surprisingly informal and open. Not just in its landscaping, but in its mental ambience as well. It is ego-free. For me, the level of camaraderie at IMT Nagpur – be it between students, student managers or the faculty – has been unheard and unseen before. It speaks highly of the management and leadership of IMT Nagpur. We are generally in agreement that this place is pretty much a paradise!”