My Dreamland of Sorts

Today I finally had some time to kill. Sitting by the window of my cosy den (a neat white room full of sunshine, that is to be my home for the next two years), I was soon lost in thought. The journey so far has been a mixed bag of various learnings, experiences and an exposure to a plethora of emotions. And so I decided to look back. Rewind.It has been more than 2 months in the midst of red bricks, green leaves and a soothing cool breeze that is so patent of IMT Nagpur. It has been 75 days of meeting new people, taking in the new environment, trying out all the different delicious dishes from the canteen, co-op and ‘Frost n Fun’ that are open till 4 in the morning, exploring the nearby scenic landscapes, enjoying the curriculum and appreciating the latest methods of teaching (innumerable cases, assignments and uncountable presentations) that I am being exposed to continuously.

Looking back when I try to connect the dots, I remember wishing to get the chance to get admitted to my dream college. It was a hypothetical place as such. A place where creative minds come together and create an environment for constant learning, a place where students are treated as adults and trusted to do the right thing, a place where mentors constructively guide their pupils with care rather than scare, a place where there are no stereotyping, social chains or limitations of time, thoughts or expression. For me that hypothetical place has turned into a reality now. If someone asked me what is the best part about the college then I would simply quote like many others, “IMT never sleeps!” There is no right way or right time of doing something, be it studies or sports or creative pursuits or partying for that matter, in IMT. Committees work round the clock, sports enthusiasts are seen shooting baskets at 3 in the night, students unwind with music and food till 4 in the morning and when it comes to attending classes, discipline, meeting deadlines and the whole nine yards, they are done with equal gusto. Ever since I have come here, I feel like a super human. I have found newer qualities in me that I never knew existed. Apart from everything else mentioned above, one thing that happens in IMT Nagpur is constant growth 24×7, seamlessly. The college adapts beautifully to the changing times and trends, taking with it, its inhabitants.

There are 20 months ahead of me and I only wish that time would slow down so that I can savour the magnanimity of each moment longer. Learn more and experience everything that this place has to offer. It’s true; the only thing you need to bring to IMT Nagpur is an open mind. Coming here has been a dream come true in all sense of the matter!


Aditi Bhattacharjee

Batch 2014-16