My Cup of Tea

As I unveiled myself to the dane,

Broke in the shiny spark of the day,

Inspiring me to the luminous lane;

An overwhelming desire in my heart lay.

But as soon as I took a step to flee,

I got to know it wasn’t my cup of tea.

I walked along the lonely street,

I could feel my future so bleak.

But then I got an accompanying treat,

Which again made my heart so weak.

With the strange support I got,

I weaved the dream so free.

As soon as my dreams were shattered…

I got to know it wasn’t my cup of tea.

With the broken pieces of my heart,

I tried to carry on along the path;

Putting up a hollow smile on my face,

I slowly got the confidence to put the icing on the cake.

But as soon as I tried to color my canvas blue

I saw the other side which wasn’t a pretty view.

I being a girl of my vision,

Was unaware of the world’s prevailing confusions.

My aspirations for the world,

Contradictorily were really sleek,

Then again, I realized it wasn’t my cup of tea.

The stark reality was else than my fairy fact,

 My heart was unable to understand the world’s filthy tact.

Though I tried hard to fit in the jig saw maze

But then I got a voice from within to my amaze

Each time you tried, you indeed were left to remorse,

But have faith in yourself and try a browse.

 This indeed is the fate of life

In true sense, winners are those who look beyond the triumph.

When things do not give results or go your way

Be happy ‘coz it is destiny’s will to offer

You my dear your prerogative Cup of Tea.”


Kriti Gohal | PGDM 2016-18

Kriti Gohal