Change. That is the name of the game and none escape it. It is inevitable. It transcends time and space. It is the one thing which never changes.

From the time humans first evolved from apes, from the very first being that discovered fire, we have been changing.

Change can occur for good or bad. Nuclear energy was a good new leap which has the power to do great things for the generation of electricity but can also wipe out entire civilizations. There one saving grace. It can guided in the right direction with skill and knowledge.

Change is never easy. It requires determination to enforce, dedication to guide and diligence to shape. There will be times when it becomes unbearable, seems uncontrollable nut in the end, it is necessary.

The greatest change in a man’s life is fatherhood. Holding your new-born in your arms you feel frightened and elated at the same time. You are unsure about the future yet you look forward to it.

As every generation starts thinking about they have life all figured out, a new generation rises and changes their notion, their attitude towards the world.

Innovation is one of the pillars of change. Not long ago, people who were running late had to go in search of a huge red box from which to call their loved ones to inform. Now the huge telephone box is right in our pockets.

Efficiency and effectiveness are also some of the driving forces of change. As efficiency and effectiveness increases, change happens. New and efficient ways of doing things emerge. All it takes is the gentle waves of time bumping it. Each and everything we have discussed thus are applicable to change plays a role in the development of our children. We can guide at them and shape them but in the end we have no control over what they do.

Finally, acceptance. There is no point in saying otherwise. Not accepting changes is not a very pleasant experience. Acceptance of change can ease the transformation. Accept that your child will do things differently. After all, it is the one constant.

Kaushik G.
Batch 2015-17