My Basket of Experiences

From our first cry to being burnt on the pyre, we keep collecting our fruits of experiences and filing our basket for self-actualization and self-satisfaction.

This is such a basket, which will never be reaching its fullest.

Experience is a gift to mankind, wherein we learn each day and become wiser with every passing second. Looking at my personal life, I see that life has taught me a lot and helped me travel on my path of life with renowned knowledge and skill.

Sighting instances from my personal life I have come across a plethora of events which added value to my life, starting from taking my first step – thus experiencing the freedom to see the finer creativities on Earth. Falling every time increased my will to try hard, harder and hardest to stand on my own.

My thirteen years of school life was never a bed of roses, it had its highs and lows, positivity of these instances enriched my life and negativity was filtered out. The experiences of differentiating between right and wrong to take important decisions in my life were brought to the fore-front.

Life changed during graduation, so did my experiences, it was my first meeting with the harsh reality of life. Experiences ranged from conflicts in friendship to meeting my targets in college. With each passing day, I realized the worth of my life, my family and social environment.

The experiences did not stop there. The journey has continued to IMT, two months of my stay at this place has added experiences worth more than twenty three years of my life. The value addition it has done is irreversible and I know after these two years, IMT will have made me wiser than my twenty three years of existence on Earth.

Rachna Verma

Batch 2014-2016