Much Beyond

“Within a huge universe, a tiny little existence is the earth where we reside. Not even one third is the part where we can live and one negligible city of one indeterminable state in one small country accommodates one tiny house with three bedrooms. One of these bedrooms is the home to one individual. That is how insignificant we are, yet our lives revolve around us only. A span of billions of years has passed where we live for not more than a click yet we fight over our importance. A day, a month, and many years pass, we forget that one person who we once thought means so much to us that it would become difficult surviving without them, but everyone carries on with their own troubles and happiness. Everyone is continuing to make efforts to be unforgettable and fail humbly enough, too hard to recall our own selves. Why don’t we let it go and make sure to be the perfect version of who we are?”

As a part of my internship program, I had to conduct interviews around the company. Varied views, different opinions, interesting ways to see the same monotonous things, but one person highlighted what no one else could. It is because of him today that I could expand the horizon of my thinking and turn the hourglass of my thoughts upside down. I never thought an interview could be so enlightening so as to change the way I look at life.

“Is the view from here the same as it is from downstairs?” Mr. Vishnu asked me standing on the twentieth floor of the building. I was too mesmerised by what was in front of my eyes to answer him.

“You see, as high up as you go, you can observe much beyond your span of thoughts. You can see where the roads lead to. You can notice where the hurdles are. You can even know what is causing the traffic to stop. You know why whatever is transforming is becoming something it was not initially. From the second floor, one sees the same buildings and roads but never observes them the way it should be done. We never see the reasons and the results if we confine ourselves to the view of the limits. Every once in a while, we should go beyond limits to embrace the beauty of what is not seen with naked eyes.”

“In a group of twenty, you try to shine bright and stand out. Do you think that one of this group of infinite stars, one out of those twenty, and millions others of the other twenties, could make the sky shine alone? But instead of shining for others, if you put your heart out for yourselves and your own wishes, wouldn’t you love wrapping your arms around your own life instead of burning for others and to be highlighted? Yet we end up burning our desires to ignite the candles of other’s expectations”

“The joy in our hearts and on our faces is irreplaceable when someone praises us for what we excel in, wouldn’t it be amazing standing next to someone half your age and failing so as to get to learn something you do not already possess? Would the happiness not be greater if it is not filled with the pride of knowing it but the satisfaction of having learned it?”

It has now become infuriating for us to agree with others but we should peek into someone else’s beliefs once in a while and appreciate the gloriously decorated interpretations. Certainly, my internship was successful for I no longer am the same person I was when I came in.

Mansi Rayat | PGDM 2016-18