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Mission Independence

The fight for independence was a really tough struggle wherein many people sacrificed their lives and lost their loved ones just to get independence. That was 1947 where India got freedom from the British rule, but you must be thinking that why am I discussing this piece of information with you all, after all it is being taught to children from the primary class, even the topic sounds the same, then what is the difference, well friends that was 20th century independence, but I am going to talk about the 21st century independence where there’s no shedding of blood or losing of loved ones, but the way of defining the word ‘freedom’ and ‘independence’ has changed. Freedom has a whole new meaning for today’s youth, as time changes the thinking also changes and so even today after more than 60 years of independence the youth of India is still looking for freedom but it’s something different.


Freedom means living independently

Nowadays most of the youth are living in metropolitan cities and have big dreams and ambitions. Families are mostly nuclear and 60% of the families have some sort of arguments and disagreements almost every day on some random topics and this affects the young people at home (generally students), arguments can be with the parents regarding the place where they live, frequent visiting of guests, staying bounded and restricted, getting irritated with the strict rules and regulations at home and the list is endless. What I mean to say is that after a certain age people start feeling uncomfortable with their families mostly in between the age of 18 to 25 and then the wait for freedom starts. Mostly young people want to move away from the protective layer of their parents and families to enjoy a life where they can have their private space and do whatever they feel like, which includes night outs, boozing, late night parties, decorating the home as they want to, in short no restriction full on masti (fun). One of the main reasons to live separately is because of tremendous change in the thinking of the youth and their lifestyle, this might not be the general reason but it is from my experience and personal views and may vary from person to person.

Post freedom struggle

Getting freedom is not the end, the struggle to maintain the freedom is more important and it is something that the youth are not aware of. Living independently or separately needs a roof where you can find your private space and try to enjoy your privacy, these are similar to homes but are cheaper in terms of expenditure like rents and other facilities, we call it PG or paying guests facilities, where in you can stay with some roommates and pay the rent in contribution, over here you can definitely not find that privacy you need because of the presence of other roommates and the strict rules and regulations imposed by the landlords specially in case of girls PG, regarding entry time, people visiting (boys are a strict no), and many more. In this case the strictness is more and the food or Tiffin you get to eat is very different from the food your mom cooks for you in terms of quality, quantity and taste, but then you have to adjust as this is the price for freedom. Staying in PG’s may vary from location to location and people might have to shell out a lot of money on daily needs, like water, food, maintenance etc.The other type is houses on rent, staying in it becomes more difficult as you have to pay for everything which is for your convenience, like electricity bills, rent (which is more than PG’s regarding the location), getting furniture and other need and requirements of a normal house. The most important in all these is the maid, which is difficult to find and that too a trusted one and the one who doesn’t ask for pay hikes frequently. Added to all these are the adjustment problems, regarding the place, people and their customs. So, my advice would be that rented house should only be taken by a person who’s into a job and very much settled in life, in order to avoid these obstacles

In the end I just want to say that be it the rented house or the PG, a person without settling in life should not dream of such things, yes if the person has some emergencies or has to live by their own in some circumstances then they are mentally prepared for it. Even I also dream of living in an independent place and enjoy my life but I have seen people struggling like anything and paying the price of this so called freedom. But people who want to stay away to just enjoy their freedom should think again and give it a second thought. A swimmer might find the ocean very beautiful unaware about how deep it is and ends up struggling for air after getting inside the water, same way the youth of today should not be in a hurry to enjoy this artificial freedom but they instead should understand their position and wait for the right time to enjoy the real freedom where you will have your private space with peace of mind and satisfaction.

Soham Bhattacharya | PGDM 2015-17