Milestone 34 is now BUZZHARD! The game begins today. Stay tuned with us to have daily updates and feed of the 2012 edition of the game.

The good times return to IMT Nagpur this year in a brand New Avatar! To the uninitiated, this is the time for one of the most happening events at IMT Nagpur – Milestone 34; but this time around Milestone 34 has reincarnated itself as BUZZHARD. Yes, you heard it right! The event has been buzzing so hard that they decided to call it just that.

The all new BUZZHARD, is all set to kickstart on the 23rd of August 2012, and shall continue till the late hours of 25th of August 2012.The theme this year is “Bizarre”; the idea being that, the event – already known for some really crazy ideas over the ages – will give the IMT Nagpur studentsa license to cook up unimaginably out-of-the-box solutions and innovations. So this year in IMT Nagpur, if you are not ‘bizarre’ enough… you are not cool enough!

In all, 12 teams of 25-30 members each have raised their hands to be counted as competitors, this year. With team-names like ‘Bazaar’, ‘Haila’, ‘Kuch Bhi’& ‘Vierdo’et al, looks like the audience should be sufficiently ‘bizarred’!!

BUZZHARD looks to bring with itself a fervor and excitement hitherto unknown to the students of the college, especially the new batch of 2012-14. The format of this gala fest, allows each fora in IMT Nagpur to come up with the most mind-boggling management game that their conspiring, collective minds can come up with.Obviously, members of a forum cannot participate in a game organised by their own forum, but they are free to participate in other games, if they form a part of the team. The event has evolved into a unique ‘fun-while-you-learn’ extravaganza over the years; and – as Spiderman’s grand-dad would’ve put it –‘with great fun, comes great money’. The winning teams this year will rake in an even higher sum of prize money than ever before; good enough to keep the party time going for months!

“The IMT Nagpur campus is already buzzing hard with Promotions and Marketing strategies hitting a crescendo in the last few days,” says the Faculty-in-charge of BUZZHARD, Professor S. Chattopadhyay, Chairman, Students Affairs, barely able to conceal his own excitement. “Students can be seen running around, using all possible means to promote their teams. Over the years, I’ve seen this happen over and over again, and yet the energy and real-life learning generated by this event never cease to amaze me.”

“BUZZHARD will give the students a chance to learn and apply their theories to practice,” says Rashmeet Singh Jaggi, one of the organizing team members. “Team work, innovation, creativity … you’ve got to pull it all out of your hat, to be a winner at BUZZHARD – as well as in life.”

Punyashlok Dwibedy, a PGDM 2012-14 batch student at IMT Nagpur encapsulates the feeling in the new batch when he says that, “BUZZHARD will give me a chance to showcase my talent. Since I am knee-deep in creating a game for my forum that will up the ‘bizarre’ level of the even this time, I am sure I will learn a lot about organizing and executing. It is something that will teach us how to stand up to others’ expectations, and also how to manage ourselves and others.”

Aditya Sharan, also from the same batch feels “It is a very happening event which gives us an opportunity to bring innovativeness and creativity to the table. The best part is that it teaches us the nuances of managing different kind of people from completely different backgrounds who form a part ofour teams. It also gives us a chance to implement decisions and learn from them”.

BUZZHARD will closely be followed by the flagship annual fest of IMT Nagpur – Milestone 35, which is soon becoming an event synonymous withNagpur itself. B-schools and other institutions of higher education from across India descend onIMT Nagpur to compete for glory and a place in B-school history, in this ‘baap’of B-school fests. BUZZHARD also provides the much needed start to this mega event both in terms of in-house preparations to organise it as well as compete in it.

Clearly, come 23rd of August 2012, IMT Nagpur is all set to buzz hard!