Student Stories

Merwin James, IMT Nagpur 2010-2012 Batch – “Individuality is essential”

When I stepped through the gates and saw the granite sign that welcomed me to IMT on June 26, 2010, little did I know I was stepping into a dream world. Not one where you have candy floss clouds and fair angels play soft music on the harp. This was a dream world that would give me, through countless scenarios and experiences, a taste of the real world – ironic, the juxtaposition of dreams on reality.

For two years, IMT taught me not just what to do in a given situation, but how to think in one. It taught me a minute’s hesitation could cost you a fortune, but a hasty decision could cost you just as much. It taught me although you have to work in a team, you cannot lose your individuality. It taught me you cannot take things for granted or take them too seriously. It taught me how to burn myself out and how to relax. IMT essentially showed me the good and the not so good parts of human life.

Now, two months after completing my education, I find nothing IMT gave me or taught me was exaggerated. It is exactly how the world is – yin and yang – the good and the bad  – the dark and the bright. More than offering me a dual specialization, IMT offered and showed me the duality of existence and for that I can never thank my institute enough.