Student Stories

Meet Preet Karan Bhatia

My Academic Background

I am an engineer. Now I am an aspiring management professional. Honing my skills at IMT Nagpur.

Induction Programme

I was quite apprehensive about swapping my academic stream- from engineering to management, but the Induction Program helped me settle down smoothly. It not only dealt with the basic of the courses which I would study for the coming two years, but also gave me a broad idea on the field of management.

My “looking forward to”

– The tremendous Industry Interface that IMT Nagpur offers.

– The sessions with Corporate stalwarys

–  Foreign exchange programs

–  Practices amalgamating theory and practical

–   Golf lessons J

Taking a Campus Tour

IMT Nagpur is a nation in itself. You can see the whole India right after taking one tour within it. Speak to a few of them and you would know the globe has shrunk right within the red brick building. Here resides cultural diversity in harmony.

We have the best infrastructure available here. Healthy living! Lush green scenery, variety of trees, cleanliness, green grass, blue sky. A lot of sport facilities has been provided within the campus itself- football ground, tennis, golf, badminton courts, snooker zone, etc.

New found hobby:

After dinner I have developed a habit of going to the library. The collection is fascinating but the novels draw my attention the most.

IMT Never sleeps

Take a walk at 3 in the night and you still feel you are amidst some festivity. There’s buzz within the campus twenty-four-seven.


“So much to do with only so many hours in a day” but I am hopeful. I am provided with all the facilities of the world. I got to use them properly and hone my skills to make dreams come true.