Student Stories

Meet Prasoon Shrivastava.

Beyond expectations:

Well, the name IMT is itself enough to raise your expectations. I too had many expectations about the campus, environment of the institute, colleagues and about everything but what I found out here was beyond my expectations.

Wow! Is this the place I am going to live for next two years?

I arrived at Nagpur on 2ndJune. The campus tantalized me. It is lush green, calm, beautiful and unique.

Management in daily work:

The management is always ready to help you. Hostel rooms were allotted to each student the minute registration was finished. I got to see my room. Large, airy and freshly painted. The Prayatna store had everything that one might need on the very first day at campus. Everything here is student driven and student managed.

The Induction process began full swing:

Next day started very early. Time-table circulated, classes scheduled and the day began full fledged. The sections were already divided. I was assigned section ‘D’. Back to back lectures, introductory sessions, seminars, panels. That was the real beginning of the management course. I was excited and a bit nervous but faculties were friendly and supportive. They made us feel very comfortable.

Night-life of IMT Nagpur:

IMT never sleeps. I have already turned into an insomniac in just a matter of few days.

Zeera-soda is special:

The cafeteria here is open till 4 pm. Name it and the food is available. I am in total love with the ‘zeera soda’. Drink it and you are never disappointed.

The world has shrunk at IMT:

I have already made some good friends. Here it is like a global campus with representatives from different states and places. It acts as a tremendous boost to groom one’s personality and help one discover the new self. Group study in such an environment of course opens new dimensions and ways.

 Mission 2012- 2014: