Student Stories

Meet Devotso Maulik.

Colour of the day:

The colour these days is Red for me. Auspicious, vibrant!


Red aptly mirrors my feelings right now. Ever since the time I entered through the gates of this campus, it has been red. The red- brick building here stands in the middle- tall, bold and loud.

Status: Lost and Found

Even after having worked in the corporate world for almost three years, the sense of nervousness and anticipation of the changes in my own being which will come in the next two years was very apparent.

I felt “Lost’: When I first entered the campus, it all looked alike. Had no idea from where to begin. It is magnanimous and huge.

But I am “Found”: The machinery of this institute is remarkably well organized. I was promptly directed to what was needed to be done and how. After the initial little hiccup of having seen the multiple queues instead of one and leading myself to the IMT dispensary, I was able to get my hostel registration done. Swift and easy!

There was my room awaiting me. My new address!

My new address

A huge room.

Freshly painted.

Amidst a beautiful landscape.

P.S. Carry a camera here. It helps.

My tangible experiments with the couple- theory and practice

We at IMT experience this every day. The student driven Co Operative Store is a prime example. By the time the freshers had registered in the campus, the Co-op store “Checklist” was ready and up running with blue tick-marks. Seniors had everything arranged to ensure that the new comers get all the bare essentials handy. They started making our stay easier from the first day. This is what we mean by- efficient Management.

The Induction Day

The Dean, Director and the eminent guests of honour delivered the welcome speech at IMT. It gave us a good overview of the coming two years in college. When the classes started, we knew this is what the phrase- Diversity in Inclusion means. Students from various educational background, varying work experience and diverse geographical locations come in together to form classes at IMT. The classes were highly interactive and so were the topics of discussion. Ideas, opinions and point of views poured from each and every one, creating an ideal atmosphere of intellectual stimulation.

My new Mantra- Believe in yourself

When we began the journey we had a lot of queries in our head- placements, the kind of work we get and the kind of salary we make, but what I soon started believing was on my own self. I realised right from the first day that we are here to hone our skills and give our career, an extra edge by deriving the best from the faculty and using the tremendous exposure offered by the college.

Weapons for future reference:

My confidence, passion and commitment.


When I pass out, I would like to stand for this institute, this campus of red brick buildings.