She stood near the wooden door, not paying any attention

Lost in dystopia that she wouldn’t ever mention.

The world she aspired for and the glitter that was once in her eyes,

Now saw the harsh reality not the becoming lights

Cowed to take some steps, for she’d be baited by others,

Clumsy her walk became, painful distraction.

The laughter was lost and the gloominess prevailed

Imagination took a halt and silence stayed.

The child finally took a decision, bolstering up herself

Spoke about the brutality and the physical abuse that she underwent.

Patience was the requirement of time, the traumatized parents knew,

The little girl overcame her hesitation, they wanted to sue the accused.

Strong family now started making her wonder,

That mind and soul is a beautiful ocean, impossible to conquer.

The little child came up strong and recovered from depression,

Gargantuan in size, implausible was the outcome.

She turned out to be a lady, calm and poised,

A lawyer by profession, who never hesitated to raise her voice.

The wounds were gone but the pain remained,

Deep inside the corner of her heart, that incident always stayed.

She gave a subtle smile whenever she visited her past,

For she realized that she was never maladroit,

And people don’t reach the top if the beginning isn’t arduous.


Isha Rajput| PGDM 2016-18