Love, poem

Love Dance

The song is ‘Power of Love’.
Beautiful you grow every time,
“As I look in your Eyes”.
I ask you for the dance,
You breathe slow, we get close.

You whisper in my ear, “I’m your lady”.
Turning you round,
You take a wave to reach beyond.
And as I’m your ‘Man’,
I’ll support you for “all that I can”.

We take elite, barrel, axle turns,
Like angels in the sky.
You leaning against me,
“Lying in your arms”,
It surely feels like heaven.

Fish-roll onto the floor,
Like indulging deep into the sea.
Searching for me, is you!
Don’t worry darling,
“’Cause I am always by your side”.

I’ll follow wherever you are,
As we do switch-firebird leap in canon.
Light as feather,
You move with the wind,
Taking me “somewhere I’ve never been”

Closing with Grand Pirouette.
Your hair brushing my face,
Leaving fragrance of you in my heart,
“Made it clear suddenly”,
You’re the only reason I’m alive.

As the song still goes on,
And we kiss till the end.
Love isn’t forsake,
With Celine Dion we learn,
What is “Power of Love”.

Akshay Bhisikar | PGDM 2015-17