Lost, To Be Found

“Where am I? What am I doing here? Where is everybody?” Anya panicked. She looked around, not one face looked familiar to her. She stood there dumbfounded, lost. She was clueless about where to go next, or whom to go to. To her, it felt as if she had fallen asleep and was transported to a new world, the ways and rules of which she knew nothing about. Lost in the suffocated crowd, she felt like running away to the places she knew and to the people she loved.

She wandered through the crowd but felt invisible, like she wasn’t even really there. She screamed her lungs out in frustration, but couldn’t hear her own voice. She felt the worst pain, the one of not having a voice of your own and feeling helpless. She tried so hard to fit in, but she just couldn’t leave her footprint on the sand as she walked. She closed herself, built a wall to protect her. She felt so lifeless, like the warmth in her heart was slowly getting taken over by a chill.

In a world of 7.4 billion people, 7.4 billion souls, sometimes all we need is one. And there in the crowd, their eyes met. Anya felt an instant connect. She found a sudden calm in the storm. He looked serene, but lost in the crowd, just like her. The look in his eyes said so much. Even in the crowd, he happened to admire her, like the neglected yet beautiful sunset. He heard for the rustle of her words in the hustle and bustle. He saw her, heard her and wanted everything that she had to give. She felt complete in that moment. The walls she had built began to tumble down. She had found her ‘one’ in the crowd. The warmth in his heart ignited the warmth in hers. All she wanted was someone to be with her in the crowd, hold her hand and guide her. She felt the best she had felt ever since she had stepped into this new world. She wanted the moment to last forever.

Alas! The feeling of fulfilment was short lived. Before she knew it, the moment was gone forever. In the blink of an eye, he was gone. Her eyes searched frantically, but couldn’t find his. She wanted just one last glance, but fate had other plans. She just wanted to tell him, that he was her ‘one’ and how he completed her. She would never see him again. She would never be able to tell him any of these things. She would take her feelings to her grave. The feeling of completion was long gone and the experience would only remain with her in her memories. He had simply disappeared. She was alone in the crowd, once again, lost and cold.

All she had were his memories. Sometimes one doesn’t realise the value of a moment unless it becomes a memory. All she had was the warmth in her heart and a ray of hope that would keep her going. All she remembered was the one face in the crowd that comforted her, told her everything was going to be okay. The look in his eyes that said I will be there for you, the look in his eyes that gave her hope. The hope that would help her find her way through the new world.

And then her journey began, her journey to discover herself, and what she was sent to do. She set out to find out what her true calling was!

Subhi Poddar | PGDM 2016-18

Subhi Poddar