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Lost insight Or Opportunity to Gain one?

Be it strolling on the streets of Ahmadabad or rushing into a Mumbai local train, the way i  observe advertisements would definitely differ from the rest half-a-million people. The surrounding, the rush, the people around me, the climate and even my crush’s mood makes an impact on me.When I see the same ad at two different places it has different affect. Every notification, advertisement, hoarding or Signboard speaks a different story. However short our retention power may be, for a student of marketing, gazing at any such visuals always enlightens us with some or the other vital lessons.

Let’s take two different ads here, first the recent Shahrukh Khan’s funky Frooti Ad and second the Ministry of Gujarat Tourism’s welcome board on Sardar Patel Airport, Ahmadabad. Compare both the ads on the basis of things that would matter the most to a marketer and a consumer. For example, the recent Frooti visual made very less impact on me . Apart from the product, one could hardly understand anything from the hoarding. Marketers could go on and on justifying the placement, brand ambassador, the funky graphics used and every minute detail on the ad. But seriously, do we expect our consumers to break their head to understand all the details and wait for the Aha moment? No! Right? Absolutely not. But can we do anything to change it? The Answer is YES! A couple of things if taken care of shall directly boost our sales and hit the right chords, what are these you ask? 4 words, “Think-Like-a-Buyer!”

The welcome board by Gujarat Tourism on Ahmedabad airport was not loud like the previous ad, it did not have 1000 shades of yellow and orange, it did not have an actor giving a weird pose either. It had a plain simple message which said, “Welcome to Gujarat! We are pleased to have you here!” though as cliché as it sounds, it still has a spark of respect and purity in the message, which touches the buyer deep down. No flashy images, no hyped up facts, no frills, just a smiling attendant willing to help you not because it’s his job, but because you are the state’s guest. Clearly, taking tips from our Shastra, which said “Athiti Devo Bhava!” (Sanskrit for Guest is God in Disguise), he justified the value proposition, showcased customer care, and ensured client engagement while being honest. Was it that difficult? Definitely Not. Understanding the consumer base, placing goods which they find attractive, explaining the value proposition are like the A B C of marketing.

Being in the 21st century and having a diversified customer mix of Millennials, Xers, and Generation Z; if we are assuming that our product placement would go as we decided is not too wise. As marketers, we have a control on the way we present and not on the way, it shall be presumed. Small insights like these shouldn’t take hours of discussion but should always be considered as a thumb rule. Nevertheless, as the saying goes “to err is human” and such small errs makes us learn, unlearn and re-learn the fundamentals. The fundamentals which revolve around some crucial questions like “Lost insight Or Opportunity to Gain one?”

Niteysh Roy | PGDM 2015-17