Lost in Oblivion

“7920hrs: I have lost my rationale of existence. Everytime I respire , I feel I am inhaling some heavy air, the weight of which will damage the functioning of my lungs. Every second is equal to a year in this darkness. The more I desire my ventricles to stop transferring blood to my body and lungs, the forcefully they function.”

Back in the planet of oxygen:

Scene 1: Terror attacks in country X. 300 people lost their lives. 61800 bones, 300 hearts, 300 brains, who were so indulged in their lives that they never cared to think about their respiratory patterns, had died. Hue and cry everywhere. The twinge of losing family, someone near and dear was too heavy to survive. Massive uproar!

Scene 2: The screens showed no sign of existence. The entire crew was in a quandary whether to inform the world about the mishap or to stall the step. Every second passed was every second of an important information being kept confidential. The time was decisive and intense.

“7926hrs: Another circle of rotation it seems. The light is losing ground. And I can no more see the orange rays reflecting in a planet I once belonged to. The view isn’t clear but it feels ghastly in the hollowness I am surviving in. I am drifting in a galaxy that nobody has or will ever hear of. The secretion of melatonin has also reduced because my brain sees darkness everywhere. Few drops of water is the only food I am left with. Nobody must have ever experienced this destructive silence.”

Scene 3: The global warming has led to drastic shifts in temperature patterns in the world. People no longer come out in the sweltering heat. The light is too harsh for them. The busy souls seek night to entertain themselves.

Scene 4: A News triggers in the media that no confirmation of the aircraft that was supposed to reach Mars, has been given. The media packs bag to find out about the same.

Scene 5: The entire crew is planning on how to handle the situation and what had to be done next. The anxiety is excruciating.

“7935hrs: I won’t be surviving anymore. I have lost track of the days. I love my family and I miss them. As I am lying down on the verge of closing my eyes forever, I recall the day I happily entered this aircraft, only if I knew it will lose its track and the new system will stop responding…only if I knew I will end up in this box travelling from nowhere to nowhere because it’s all Black! Only if I knew I will face a time where oxygen won’t keep me going, I wouldn’t have accepted the challenge. It was the 156th day when I realized the aircraft has lost its signals and is travelling in a wrong direction. I am hallucinating.”

Scene 6: Thunderstorm in the jungle, the vastness of which was beyond imagination. Heavy rains from last two days made the soil clammy. The animals cried. The big colliding trees fell down. The nature was loud and silent at the same time. Life was in question on that land.

Scene 7: The verdict to announce the world about the news was taken. He was declared dead. The media surrounded them, criticized them. But nothing could have been done.

“7960hrs: Till date I only heard about the concept of Zero. But now I can feel it. This cosmos is nothing but a dark sphere of silence, where nothing matters. Silence, that kills. My pulse rate is falling. I believe it’s time for my pineal gland to open up so my soul can leave the body I no longer wish to live in. Perhaps I am ready to take the pain of death which might be equal to hundreds of crabs biting a human body at once. But wait… I don’t want my soul to get lost here forever… what if…

Isha Rajput| PGDM 2016-18