IMT Nagpur

Living the Learnings

“The day you take complete responsibility for yourself, the day you stop making any excuse, that’s the day you start to the top.”

– O J Simpson

Besides the nuances involved in Marketing and the balance sheets for Accounting, the most important lesson that the Institute of Management Technology, Nagpur teaches us is one that cannot be found in books. Being a student driven campus, the needs of the IMT-N community are taken care of by the students themselves. Daily requirements are looked after by the co-operative store, operated by the student managers of Team Prayatna. Laundry requirements are met by the student venture aptly named Campus Oxygen; and our on-campus restaurant “Frost n Fun” provides for a plethora of delicacies. Each of them run and managed by the students of IMT-N. Students also become members of different forums to hone their various interests. These forums meet often to discuss recent happenings, build on skill sets and organize forum games for the student community.  Barring these, there are, of course, the four college committees which take care of placements, corporate interactions, communications, and “Milestone”: the flagship event of IMT-N. And then there are sports. Not an evening goes by when the football, badminton, cricket, basketball, lawn tennis and table tennis arenas stand vacant. By now I believe it is quite clear how the day of a student manager here at IMT-N does not simply end when the lecture sessions come to a close. There are still countless commitments to be met: assignments awaiting submission, group meetings for class presentations, forum meetings, committee meetings, sports practice, managing the different ventures, and studies. If only a day could have 26 hours!

And this is exactly what IMT-N teaches us so well. Management is not taught in books, it is learnt in practice, in the smallest of things one has to do. It is learnt by making time for all your commitments, even when the hours in a day seem to be too few. It is learnt by not making excuses to take the easy way out. It is learnt by realizing that our physical being is but a mere puppet under the control of our minds, and that most of our bodily limitations are self-imposed. Professionalism cannot be preached. You take a decision to honour your commitments, as many as they may be, and you see it through till each of their completion. The challenge lies in taking that one decision saying “I will do it!, blind to the tempting excuses of exhaustion and tiredness. Here in the Institute of Management Technology, Nagpur, there is no place for excuses, and in the process we inculcate the values of Management in its truest sense, in the most effective way. When every day becomes a journey to the top, you can tell what makes the Institute stand a class apart.


Naima Haque

PGDM 2014-2016