Karthik Krishnan, IMT Nagpur 2006-08 Batch – “At The Corporate Level It Is Not Only What You Are Doing. It Is About Understanding Why You Are Doing And What Are Your Primary Objectives Behind Doing Them”

Belonging to the IMT Nagpur 2006-08 batch, Karthik Krishnan is Manager Finance, with HSBC Global Resources.

With an MBA in Finance from IMT Nagpur, Karthik Krishnan works as Manager Finance with HSBC Global Resources. His job definitely involves a lot more than what he studied at B-School yet an MBA from a good school was “definitely needed”, believes Krishnan.

“I studied finance but am into Finance IT. What they need is the Finance knowledge that I bring along and implement that into systems. Here, I have to take the requirements from the finance guys and make sure that IT understands it,” he says while explaining his job.

According to him, you do learn a lot in your MBA. However, the learning does not end there. You have to keep learning so that you understand the core business in your organization better. “Even to create a PPT for instance, you need to know more and understand the business as much as you can,” he says. “At the corporate level it is not only what you are doing. It is about understanding why you are doing and what are your primary objectives behind doing them. You need to know what an organization is trying to achieve overall. An MBA helps stand out from the rest of the crowd.”

He found a great deal of value in studying all the courses during the first year. It now stands him in good stead as he understands all the departments that contribute in making a business complete.  “Your core specialization is something that you can concentrate on. But, you can apply your learning in all areas. A good manager needs to understand all the areas of the organization, apart from having the core skill,” Karthik explains.

“Prior work experience is very important,” Karthik says, explaining why. “I worked for two years, and, at the end of those two years, I was richer in terms of experience. When you come straight from college rather than as someone with work experience, the whole perspective is different.”Making a lot of friends, all of who are still in touch with him, Karthik Krishnan found his special soul mate and married her. She was part of the group of ten. “We were a group of ten people but we knew each and everyone. It is important that students mix around and don’t restrict to making groups. Make sure you never lose contacts. Appropriate networking is the key to your personal and professional success.” he suggests all IMT Nagpur students.

Working with the Placement Committee, he found the task to be a tough, steep climb into the corporate world.

“We struggled to get into companies back then. Most of the companies had alumni who hired students from their institutes,” he remembers.

But now things have changed. IMT Alumni are beautifully placed right now. A lot of them are at par with people from older institutes and are looking to their home institute for fresh graduates to hire.