Kaavish Kidwai of IMT N speaks about the advantages of Profile Based Selection

CAT is known to be the most important parameter for getting into various premier B-Schools. Competitive exams such as CAT measure the aptitude one has for the essential skills required for the management courses. The students appearing for CAT are judged on various subjects including Maths, English Language, Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Data Interpretation and Verbal Ability. However, they do not cover each aspect in totality.

Beyond a certain level, the aptitude in these aspects does not define the final fate of a student’s career. A student’s career is dependent upon a number of other things as well. These tests just segregate those with the requisite level of aptitude in each skill set from those who do not pass the muster.

Apart from this, a variety of other criterion such as psychological orientation, creativity, industry experience, street smartness, maturity, etc come into play when looking at a comprehensive management career.

Top level B Schools believe that judging students on the basis of the aptitude test is not enough. Various Top B-schools including Harvard, ISB and SP Jain do not overemphasize on the written test scores; they take a look at the overall profile of a student. The profile consists of the resume, academics, work/industry experience, various interests and hobbies, etc. These attributes provide detailed information about a student’s skills and his/her potential. This is considered to be a more sensible way of selection as a student’s calibre can be judged properly this way whereas the CAT exam does not reflect the overall personality and capability of a student.

Another aspect to this matter is the placement criteria in colleges. Companies looking for campus recruit have a very mechanical procedure of short listing. It is impossible to have Group Discussions/Interviews for all the applicants. So companies go for short listing on the basis of resume or academics. This automatically places an importance on the student’s profile. Once you take admission in a B-school, your CAT score becomes almost irrelevant to everyone. No body would ask for your CAT score when you go out to seek a job.

It is seen that a college is only as good as its placements, at least in the eyes of the students and applicants. In order to ensure a strong influx of company and good placement maximum possible students should be short listed which is only possible when everyone has a strong profile. Thus, analysing a person’s capability on the basis of his profile and selecting him based on this criterion is helpful even for the students when looked at from the long term prospective.