Student Stories

Kaavish Kidwai , IMT Nagpur 2010-2012 Batch – “gives his account on IMT Nagpur”

Enduring the daily humdrum of real life, slaving for the corporate juggernaut, I only now realize how much I took my college days for granted. I had a sense of foreboding when I was about to depart, but the shock of real life, when it came, was still severe. I can say this proudly, I did not break under the weight. IMT prepared me for the transition. I was ready to face what came my way and will perhaps be ready to face even worse – when nothing comes or goes my way.

IMT Nagpur was a place where I met all kinds of people, dealt with all kinds of situations, forged networks and made friendships that will last a lifetime.

It was where strengths and weaknesses became more than just things to put down on a resume. They became assets and liabilities to be worked on, strengthened or eliminated as need be. In your typical college structure, situation and interaction are very different from the way things happen in the corporate world – the way you behave, the way people interact, the etiquettes, norms etc.IMT Nagpur has successfully helped us make that transition.

I explored a lot, changed a lot, tested myself, challenged and pushed myself, came out of my safety zone and chose to seek different avenues to explore life. At the end of the two years, my only regret is I could not do more. The joy, the laughter, the learning in and out of the classroom, the sense of belonging to this weird, wonderful ecosystem, isolated and a world unto itself will keep me enthusiastic and passionate about this college forever.