poem, Student's speak

It’s the soul that matters…

Fables are they?

The sands of time

Sinking into an unending depth since time unknown

Has there ever been a fist closed enough

To make them stay still?

But no one’s probably noticed that some grains stay

Right there…

Its waters flowing endlessly,

The fountain of youth remains…

Water, it flows too, out of your grasp

Out in a way you cannot get each drop back

Have you noticed it wets your hands?

Because some of it stays

Right there…

The land of Atlantis, Sphinx- like

Its mystery mysterious than ever…

Completely beyond the reach of human thought

Atlas bears the weight of the world we are in

Has anyone realized the hero he is and that we have him?

Because not all heroes are in Atlantis

As some of them stay

Right here…

Change is the only constant they say

And evolution is the proof…

Spirits of dead men, their souls all around us

And we, struggling just like them

To find the key to unfathomable knowledge

Has evolution shown us the way?

Do you understand that it cannot?

Since evolution stays

Right here…

It’s the seventh heaven, the utopia we always desired

And yet we pine for a moment of celebrated joy

We talk of Evolution of the world,

Why do we hide our souls in a coy?

This is Atlantis and the sands of time flow rhythmically

Out of the fountain of youth…

And when we’ll realize

That the metamorphosis of the soul is real Evolution

Then will be eighteen till we die…

And thus, the magic lies not in future always

But in the evolution of our souls…

Dhruv Kanodia|PGDM 2015-17