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Intolerance – Really?

The topic itself is so related to the present scenario which has taken the media to dig deep into a comment that was supposed to be a personal opinion. Why can’t a person express his feelings live on national T.V. , just because being a celebrity is actually creating so much trouble for you all of a sudden, that the whole point is now based on what kind of a person is he and which religion does he belong to. A rather stronger view on patriotism is questioned.

Nevertheless, it all started on a lighter note when a general remark on intolerance, created a stir of negative views all along. The social media platform got a lot of hits and they did score up a spike in their apps getting downloaded as number of views increased rapidly with mixed emotions. It is a frenzy that has galloped all the attention that was required to transcend an ordinary statement to a front page headline. Mrs. Kiran Khan, wouldn’t have thought in her dreams that a meagre statement of her fears in her heart would create so much trouble for her husband and especially for her family. The things we should look upon is not even seen properly. Intolerance is growing for sure in our country but that should not be hyped and questioned as to why and how and where.

It’s a free country and we have endless views and comments on sensitive issues. Giving liberty to speak is the least we can do so that one doesn’t have to be ashamed or ridiculed at the end of the day, because he shared his family’s fears. Our moral virtues have been on the grounds of tolerance and still we are discussing so much. Let the person be free in his will to share his feelings or else someday when an ordinary citizen would want to share his inner fears, the person will go into a shell and would never be able to open up.

The greatest problem in the world today is intolerance. Everyone is so intolerant of each other ”.

Princess Diana

ShubhamChakraborty|PGDM 2015-17