Student Stories


Life is no more than a game which we started playing long back when we didn’t even know the rules. We played it, we enjoyed it, day in and day out without actually understanding the matrix, without actually realizing, that we are following a pattern. A pattern which is followed by everyone, a pattern set by someone we do not know. We are just following it blindly without knowing the ‘why’ of it. Thinking this is the only answer to it, the only way to live it.

The pattern is not drawn by an individual, but individuals at large, the ones who tell us how to distinguish among people. The ones who tell us how one should behave, the ones who tell us how we should feel, the ones who tell us what is right and what is wrong, the ones who tell us the difference between the good and the bad, the ones who tell us what should we believe in; the ones who tell us how to discriminate on basis of colour, caste and religion, the ones who tell us how to take advantage of others.

We do not hold the ink over here, the society does. So, the question that arises is that ‘do we even have a choice in this juggernaut world?’ Choice, which is the most important decision of a person which we keep making consciously or subconsciously. It is the thing which helps us to distinguish ourselves from others and gain new experiences and perspective towards the world. The reason why we are sitting, where we are sitting right now is because of our choices. The choice which we made, but the people from our past did not.

There is a conflict which has been going on for ages now, the conflict between the pattern and the choice and; I hope we are standing on the right side of the road.

Kashish Agarwal | PGDM 2019-21