Team work

Individual Competition or Collective Effort

Like every other aspirant, I too had my perception about a B-school, before I got into one. My thoughts were quite traditional regarding a college. Through my graduation, I felt that world is more about individual efforts and competing with each other. I started developing skills that would help me in reaching my goal without anybody’s help. People used to tell me that going to a business school means that “you are going to be in a competitive environment, you have to fend for yourself as people will be busy doing the best for themselves so they won’t have time helping you with the problems.” I really thought that the going might get tough for me as there are going to be situations wherein I would be needing help, on top of that it was my first time to stay away from family and do things on my own. Time passed and I got qualified for this B-school. Since the very first day I was trying to be on my own, acting like a grown-up who is ready to face the world, even though it was mere excitement that was making me do such things. Very soon I made friends which I don’t normally, we had each other’s back, taking care and showing concerns for each other. I felt that it is not that difficult as I was told, people here are very friendly but what I didn’t know was it was just the trailer and the movie was yet to begin.

I started having daily classes, sometimes on weekends as well and the subjects were not as easy. Three months passed and I got a result which wasn’t encouraging for me. A new term started and still I wasn’t getting the results and I had become more pessimistic towards life. There came a point where I also thought that maybe I am not fit to be in a b-school, the level of competence one should have lacks in me. One day I decided to do some introspection and find out where I am going wrong, I am studying hard, attending classes, doing my daily chores, then where is it that I am lacking? The answer was my own attitude,2137737248_318e717653_o (1) all this while I thought that I was perfectly fine in what I did but what I didn’t know that I was doing it the wrong way. I saw people partying, enjoying life and still getting positive results, and I have been sitting in my room the whole day doing my studies with full sincerity and still nothing came out of it, that was where I was wrong I didn’t see the bigger picture, students who were partying were also involved in ‘group studies’ a term that was a myth for me but it was really effective. Students who were good in numerical helped the ones who were weak in it, and students who had great communication skills made presentations and helped with the content for those who lacked such skills, it didn’t take enough time for me to realize that the notions I had about a b-school was completely wrong. Work doesn’t happen with individual effort, you have to go to someone take their help and then perform, so I too started doing that and saw a dramatic surge in my results and that’s when I learnt life is all about ‘Collective Effort’ we cannot sustain if we chose to do everything by ourselves, we are made with imperfections in us some part is mastered to perfection where as some are treasures buried deep, only to be explored with an equipment called ‘teamwork’.

Soham Bhattacharya | PGDM (2015-17)