Student Stories

In The Lap of Nature

I still remember the day when I woke up early morning, prepared a cup of tea, went out in the balcony and sat next to the railing, trying to capture the alluring serenity of the mountains. Solan, a place where my roots lie. A place which will always stay close to my heart. Sitting alone, a sudden gust of wind shook me hard, I felt like I was alone rather I realised it is the tranquility that made me feel so. It almost looked like an artistic frame made by the highly skilled pawns of the god. The sprawling trees, the chirping of birds, the moving clouds, all together creating a picturesque memory, freeing me from all the worries that were stuck to me throughout this time.  

Introspection is a phase of life which often gets overlooked in the hustle of today’s busy life. In the search of self, people seek help lying in the lap of nature, find peace or maybe just to peel off the mask that they have been wearing since ages. The impact nature imbibes on you is unmeasurable but the rational minds we carry with our self are habitual of quantifying the nature’s effect too. Whilst all this nature keeps on leaving us awestruck with its enthralling beauty.

Our rational minds drag us into a much more materialistic and raw world. Places filled with frustration, anger and guilt of not been able to achieve the desires of life. Enjoying the covetous life, they often forget the importance of self realisation. The impact nature leaves behind is nothing that can be ignored. Just by living around nature, the energies within us familiarise themselves with the surroundings, making us calmer, and this, in turn, makes us attain peace from within.

No matter how tough our lives may be, we have a natural form of self, telling us in one way or the other, that we are not only surrounded by plenty of people but also nature. We always have the warmth and serenity of nature around us, so why not feel it?

Rashika Sood | PGDM 2019-21