IMT Nagpur

IMTNagpur –“Identifying, Innovating and Fulfilling.”

As one moves out of the old Nagpur city towards IMT Nagpur, one of the top B-schools’ in this part of the country, one cannot help but wonder how a premier institute with an in-house population of more than 800 people sustains itself at a distance well outside the radius of modern- multiplex civilization? The answer lies within the red brick walled boundary-“Welcome to the world of awe-inspiring student driven initiatives!”

Yes, we are 40 kilometers away from the main city, yes we have to board rickety buses to hang out in the posh malls, but does that in any way mitigate the zeal we have in calling this campus a home away from home? No, not a chance. And why is that so? Is the population at IMT Nagpur so socially inactive that it has alienated itself from the realms of modernity? No, in fact we at IMT Nagpur are so socially active that we decided to bring in all finer things of life within the campus itself!! Yes that is as wonderful as it sounds. So what if we cannot go to the city at midnight to quench the craving for a chocolate brownie…..we can definitely bring it here! IMT Nagpur boasts of a multitude of such initiatives which have made life so much easier for its inhabitants. Starting from “PRATAYNA”, the co-operative store run by a student body, or “CO2” which is an in-house laundry, news-paper delivery and printing services venture to cater to the daily requirements of students, again managed entirely by students. Then for people with more customized demands in their cuisines, a bunch of students have come up with the brilliant idea of “Frost & Fun”, where apart from regular delicacies one is allowed to experiment with ingredients and the best experiments are made a regular on the menu.The students have secured tie-ups with outlets like Domino’s and Subway to provide home delivery of their food items on pre-planned, pre-ordered basis. Even movie buffs have a forum to themselves called “Envision” to showcase movies and entertain the masses.The campus is vibrant with a lot of such innovative ventures by students which identify the need of the hour and then satiate the need with the most simple and cost-effective solutions. This trait developed in the students to come up with out-of -the box solutions goes a long way to empower them with skills much required in todays’ corporate world. Thus, IMT Nagpur sows in its students the seeds of entrepreneurship and pragmatic thinking at a very early stage. It inculcates in its students the very essential skills required to mould oneself into a good manager-the ability to sense requirements, innovate and fulfill the requirements.  Also, IMT Nagpur being on the outskirts of the city provides the student managers with ample opportunities to learn the basics of self-management on a first hand basis. The students here have a distinct advantage over the students of colleges situated in metros – We have to work and plan for all trivial things in life which other students have easy access to. Thus at IMT, being a good manager starts at home.

By: Avilasha Singha

Batch 2014-16