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IMTians shaping the world- Student success stories of IMT Nagpur : ANIMESH SINGH GAUTAM (batch 2012-14) Assistant Manager- Comp Strategy at Mphasis

ANIMESH SINGH GAUTAM (batch 2012-14)
Assistant Manager- Comp Strategy at Mphasis

Recently, my alma mater organized an HR Conclave and luckily, I was not part of it!

As a student, I remember! We hated these conclaves and guest lectures, except few which were a fantastic addition to our thought process, rest were merely a source to earn extra credit points or to complete the attendance.

The most discussed topic from my domain in these conclaves has been HR Strategy and trust me, no one understands it as a student and once you join an organization at a junior position it will hardly matter what course business is taking.

The only thing that will lead you ahead and mark your impact on the business is nothing but all the operational activities. You may dream of developing strategies, preparing compensation plans and all the remarkable things and few might get to do that from the 1st day of their 1st engagement at work.

But 95% of the crowd will start with hammering the nail in the wall before they frame the moments of strategizing and winning the market.

First 5 years will be your journey through all the learnings that nobody on the dais is ever going to share with you and maybe you might have read a few that I’m going to mention!

  • Never say “No” to an opportunity which might lead you to learn something new
  • Understand the laws by heart. The workforce is your power and laws are there to ensure that things are well in control on both ends
  • Understand that there will be politics and mind games and what-not, just keep your mouth shut, ears open and stick to your work because, in the end, it will fetch you your rewards
  • Be diplomatic and helpful, but do not think much if you need to say “No” if something is not feasible. Keeping people on hold and saying, “We’re on it” will never help anyone
  • Try your hands on all the portfolios to understand your strength but once you find it, don’t go hopping around
  • Always search for a Mentor to guide you. S/he will be the one to help you in your tough times
  • Follow leaders, read news and articles from the sector that interests you as well as the one you are into
  • Invest! Financially and Academically both!
  • Pursue your hobby and have some free time to think where you are heading and what are your goals
  • Respect everyone and don’t hesitate to do trivial tasks of any sort. The more grounded you are the better perspective and vision you have of your world
  • Get a Partner, help her or him achieve their goals too. It’s a wonderful way to learn new things in life and will boost your confidence. In case! you have one, “Respect Them”!
  • Jump off the ship once you believe that there is nothing more to learn
  • Most Important! “Know Your Worth and Believe in Yourself”