IMT-N’s Kaavish Kidwai – From Shyness to Remarkable Success in Sales at Fitch

A placement team in a B-school receives its first hint of delight when their students bag internship opportunities at some reputed organizations. Exhilaration multiplies when they hear the glorious stories of their students being the best interns. This was exactly how the faculty and placement team at IMT-Nagpur felt when they heard the news of supererogation of their first year student, Kaavish Kidwai, during his internship at Fitch Credit Ratings Ltd. Kaavish has been awarded as the best intern at the Fitch Group amongst a set of 15 interns who came from various prestigious B-schools in India.

In an award ceremony that began with a formal presentation, Kaavish received his award from the CEO at Fitch Credit Ratings Ltd. This ceremony was held at the corporate headquarters based at Mumbai in presence of the senior management and all the interns at Fitch Ratings. Kaavish received a certificate of being the highest achiever amongst the interns and also, a shiny BlackBerry smartphone as the token of appreciation.

Kaavish was given a role in the field of Brand Awareness, Business Development, and B2B Sales. Whereas these intricate areas of marketing management might be daunting for many, Kaavish embraced the challenge with open arms. His keen interest in Brand Management helped him through his way though he had his fair share of challenges in outshining others in terms of closing the maximum number of sales mandates.

Kaavish told that it was not quite like his own personality to interact with so many strangers with a sales pitch. In his words, “I have never considered myself a people’s person and to approach perfect strangers with a sales pitch was a notion that was unnerving.”

His sound understanding of the subject and his commitment helped him take a leap forward when it came to definitive figures of sales mandates he managed to close. He admits that his first ever corporate interaction in the field of his MBA education offered him an exposure he had always been apprehensive about. He said, “It was a very formal affair and I had to conduct myself appropriately.  All these factors combined, had me worried.  But I sought help from my father and my mentor.  I visited a few people initially with my father, whom he had personal contacts with.  I observed him and learnt.  I decided now was as good a time as any to overcome my inhibitions and prepare myself for the challenges I would face in the corporate world.”

Despite his exhilarated self, Kaavish doesn’t forget to express his words of thanks to his mentor at Fitch. Kaavish told that his mentor patiently understood the struggle it had for a complete newbie at sales. This is why he remained in constant contact with Kaavish and helped resolve the issues that came his way during his tenure at Fitch Ratings.  “He was stern when it came to the set targets but was very accommodating and helpful at the same time,” Kaavish added while admiring the leadership style of his mentor.

Sharing his newly gained knowledge during his internship, Kaavish also gave his views about Fitch Ratings as an organization. Fitch is a name in the industry that enjoys a global reputation. Its primary objective is to help companies view themselves on a global scale. Fitch Ratings provides them a comprehensive view on their financial situation employing a great expertise and rich experience of its teams of experts.

After having his first taste of success at the first year of his MBA education, Kaavish now has a new favourite in terms of his preferred field of work, Brand Management and Business Development. He hopes to frame a career that challenges his intellect and makes use of his creative side of personality.