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IMT Nagpur’s Merwin James Bags Job with Tata Technologies


Not just a creative thinker, Merwin James of IMT Nagpur is a very strategic and logical person. He came to IMT Nagpurfor a management qualification after a lot of deliberation. Today he nearing the end of his two year stint and is placed with Tata Technologies in his dream job.

An engineer by qualification, Merwin James worked for four years before he ventured back into college for an MBA qualification. Those four years were instrumental in helping him recognize his strengths and decide on the area he wanted his career focus to be: a management role in the manufacturing industry.

Merwin chose IMT Nagpur for his MBA after he visited the campus and met the faculty. Here he found the infrastructure and the learning opportunities met his expectations. “I was very pleased with the few lecturers I met,” elaborates this Jack of all trades and master of some.

Tata Technologies, a first time recruiter at IMT Nagpur offered him the role of SAP Business Consultant to their most profitable client – Tata Motors, mostly in the Product Procurement and Materials Management Divisions. James is well prepared to perform this role due to his prior experience within the IT sector and the courses he selected for his Operations Electives at IMT Nagpur.

Choosing the right career-boosting electives is very important. James carefully chose courses like Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management, etc, which are tailor made to give students like him a holistic perspective to today’s market demands in Operations in the Manufacturing Sectors.

“Although the demands of the market keep changing, the core reason for the existence of any business is to generate revenues for its stakeholders by integrating all its various functions. A PGDM degree shows how every single department of an organization cannot exist in individual silos but must synergize every activity towards the goal of a better value proposition. A theoretical understanding of the system, its intricacies and how it all integrates and links, is essentially what the course teaches you,” Merwin elaborates.

He cracked his placement interview with confidence. A confidence that comes with the knowledge that you are well prepared and know your subject like the back of your hand. To do that, you need knowledge through meticulous, relentless research. James knew what he wanted and went after it. He sold himself by showing his personal suitability for the job that nobody else could fit into.

The present recession does not depress him. Instead he is looking at concentrating on the ride back to times of growth. The future promises a whole gamut of opportunities. “Any entrepreneur willing to take the risk will always find the conditions conducive to successfully fructify his idea,” he signs off.