They came, they saw and went home challenged, excited and exhausted. For this was IMT Nagpur’s inter-collegiate annual event – Milestone 35.

“I have no words to express the beauty of IMT Nagpur. I am a nature lover and when I walked around I saw a variety of nature in the flora and fauna which is this area and the region is known for,” said Mr. Atul Pandey, CEO and MD Of Eros Group. He was the chief guest of Milestone 35. “It is very well maintained.” Guests of Honour, Cyrus Dastur said. He and Chess champ Anup Deshmukh were equally impressed with the way every detail was looked into and organized. It has elegance. Beautiful Management finesse.

Milestone 35 was highlighted by the ‘Daddies of Indian Rock’ – Parikrama. They rocked, and they rolled and they had the whole gang gathered there stomping their feet and banging their heads in anticipation to their music.

Anup Deshmukh, internationally acclaimed Chess player,  challenged 20 management brains in a games of chess – all at the same time.


“Youth are in focus today”. In his address, Mr. Pandey told students to “look beyond multinational careers, become entrepreneurs or work with SMEs.IMT Nagpur has  a lot to offer and help develop all round growth and nurture multidimensional managers. ”

Milestone 35 was officially inaugurated with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp. A short highlight of the events follows:

Okonomous – Economics

Stocks, shares, investments and trading made the game, Kingdom of Throopence emulated the stock market today – it was volatile. Five teams fought to the finish.

Short Film Fest

Cyrus Dastur, a theatre personality, initiated Shamina A, a short film club. At Milestone 35 Dastur viewed short films made by several management students. “Some of the films made by management students were far better than films made by film students!” he said, with a dry laugh.

Armour X – Finance

From the Finance Forum, Finaholics conducted the game Armour-X. Their challenge was to generate profits in an airline company. The most challenging part was to decide the price and promotional expense keeping in mind the future growth, competition and passengers on the route of operation.

Arcadia from Vyaktitva – Personality Development

Business problems need dealing with and Acardia from Vyaktitva was just that. The three rounds of Personality Development challenged and channelized creativity, ending with a debate.

Corporate Quiz

Google had no place at this venue. The answers had to be at the team’s fingertips. Quiz Master, Gautam Bose asked some easy questions that had tough answers keeping contestants on high alert.

Croissance from Xplore-HR

A team member had to answer questions on their personality. Then the answerer had to deceive other teams by saying out loud ‘Sach’ or ‘Jhoot’ in answer to those questions. The challenged teams won points if they gave the right answer.

Purveyrich from Cyclops – Operations

Purveyrich was a surprise. The subject – how to reduce transportation costs and going to the bottom of the pyramid. It was mentally exhausting. Everything had to happen on the spot.

Deportivos 360 from Marque – Marketing

It was a clash of the Marketing MBAs. It was a case study on Gymnastics in India. The teams had no pre-knowledge and had very little time. Nothing drives like deadlines. Reserves of energy and creativity came to the fore.

Milestone 35 ended with winners and winners. They reached into the depths of their intelligence. Each challenge brought out the best in them. Exhaustion and exhilaration went hand in hand.