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IMT Nagpur wins at Athlos ’12

Winning is a given at IMT Nagpur. You either win, or you lose. There is no such thing as ‘somewhat winning’.

There were millions of ups and millions of downs over the three days of Athlos ’12 on 20, 21 and 22 January, 2012. Sweat, blood and tears poured forth as the teams fought a valiant battle of strength, stamina, wits and sheer instant strategy that comes with technique. Elation and hope were followed by defeated heartbreak as teams won and teams lost. Points added up. IMT Nagpur swiftly flew to the top of the charts with 500 points. Each point was added on, like a flawless solitaire on the string of victory. The IMT Nagpur teams created history.

The IMT Nagpur teams gave Athlos their best and came out triumphant. Their air punching winning euphoria still brings proud smiles to their faces every time they remember the sheer passion they put into every game. And they won. Yes!!

The secret of winning at sports is all about giving it just that little bit more than the other teams, never losing focus on the goal. Challenges make the victory sweeter. Hopes shattered as several B-Schools pitted their strength and strategy against each other, striving, struggling and sweating it out to be the best, even in the winter chill. Like life, there were no second chances. The referee’s word was final, and the best won. The rest were left sweating and feeling sorry for themselves, wondering where they went wrong.

XIMB had organized several events that included basketball, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, lawn tennis, cricket and football for the men. The ladies played basketball, throw ball, badminton, table tennis and lawn tennis. 

Of course, every sports person present gave the games their best shot.