IMT Nagpur-University Diponegoro link produces first results and is set to strengthen

In its continuing expansion of global linkages, Institute of Management Technology Nagpur is now allied with University Diponegoro (UNDIP), Semerang-Indonesia and has conducted its first joint research project.

The memorandum of understanding signed by the two institutes covers joint research and faculty exchange and a joint research initiative between the partners produced two full-fledged research papers and one proposal.

Faculty members involved from IMT Nagpur included Prof. Hanish Rajpal, Prof. Shiv Nath Sinha and Dr. Gajavelli V S and the faculty team from UNDIP included Dr. Augus Purwanto, Dr. F. X. Sugianto and Dr Waridin.

In joint consultations stretching over November and December, 2011 the team produced: Earnings Management and Value Creation – Dr. Agus Purwanto and Prof. Hanish Rajpal; CSR, CG and Value Creation – Dr. Agus Purwanto and Prof. Shiv Nath Sinha and Rural Economy Competitiveness Models – Dr F X Sugianto and Dr Gajavelli V S.

Further dialogue with other IMT Nagpur faculty members saw valuable input from Dr. Veena Pailwar on research and text-book publications in the area of business management.

This spring, the new alliance will see an IMT Nagpur faculty team going to UNDIP for the spring session for teaching and faculty development involving a wide range of areas including: case study work-shops in the business and economics domains; research methodology; publishing research papers in reputable international journals and textbooks; and quantitative and qualitative research in management.

UNDIP University has a respectable global ranking (26th best university globally) with an impressive performance and focus on academics and research.

It is located in Semarang, the capital city, of Central Java Province and is comprised of five campuses located in Semarang and the District of Jepara, about 70 Km northeast of Semarang.

This latest international alliance brings IMT Nagpur’s number of global linkups to 29 ranging from Canada to France, Mexico, Ireland, Australia, the United States and beyond, encompassing every corner of the globe.