IMT Nagpur, Star Students

IMT Nagpur through the eyes of Sayantan Banerjee

As the first rays of the sun kiss IMT-Nagpur, the euphonious song of birds starts pouring into our ears. The morning birds start chirping, animals wake from their slumber as the sounds of early morning chime ever so lightly.

I had always thought that once I cleared the CAT hurdle, the rest of my life would be a cakewalk. But alas! All my dreams and fascinations were shattered in the first few days of college as I came to realize that everything or dare I say “nothing” about MBA life is hunky-dory.

Since classes start at 9.30 in the morning, I need to wake up at least one hour before. Attending lectures covering a plethora of specializations of one and a half hours duration and more importantly, being attentive while attending the entire session appeared to be a herculean task. The clock then slowly crawls to 13:00 hours. And Yes! It’s lunch time. All the students assemble at the mess to have food and chitchat about anything and nothing.

The second half of the day is usually less about academics but more focused on group activities. But I believe a lot of academic activities are done here. And what to say about the group work scenario? Each group member has his/her own perspective and refuses to budge from his stand. Initiating the views of every group member, getting the approval of others and writing after applying your own logic is skirting an impossible task. With umpteen presentations, assignments and quizzes lined up, life appears to be a closed maze. With seven to eight subjects in three months and an equally staggering number of groups, one tends to forget which fellow classmate is in which subject group.

I’ll not lie – the pressure is high but we believe it is good for us.

In between the rigors of academics and grades, people here do things that a typical student does. We do have an assortment of sports and a state-of-the art gymnasium for the sports aficionados. There are daily matches which are played between all the students present in the campus. The sports fields are varied-the standard playground, basketball court, chess, football, badminton, TT… all these build into a crescendo at the annual sports festival Ranbhoomi where the competition and slogans are at their loudest. We enjoy our sports.

We do all the things we mentioned above but I missed mentioning one crucial tenet – we have a fantastic time doing all the activities on the campus!

Also we know how to party hard and celebrate festivals in style .We go out to the city – Nagpur brimming with life, umpteen eateries, movies, and watering holes. We go for long rides on the highways around our picturesque campus. We enjoy and even play our own music, de-stress with Art of Living courses.

Milestone 35, the biggest event on IMT Nagpur’s calendar, is our annual management extravaganza. Participants from all across the country’s top schools slug it out as they try to outdo each other in brain and brawn. They join us for the competition and the revelry (that’s another all-pervasive culture here, we love to compete with the best of best!) and they go back in great spirits.

The point we make is that everything in the institute is defined by the participants and it is a fulfilling process to be a part of this for two years.

Well, I seem to have touched on a lot of things that characterize IMT Nagpur in a short space. That’s because there is so much to talk about and, even as I wrote this, so many things kept popping up in my mind that I had to write them down. It’s up to you to come here and experience the time of your life at IMT Nagpur!

– Sayantan Banerjee

PGDM-FT | Classof ’12