IMT Nagpur Presents Milestone 35: A Management Festival

Milestone 35 leads to Firdaus – a place where God resides. Getting here involves interesting challenges. For Milestone 35 is IMT Nagpur’s annual  Management festival and this year’s theme is Fridaus. To be held on 25 and 26 November, 2011, Milestone 35 holds a promise – nonstop management action with teams from B Schools across India. Energy bubbles over. Impatient anticipation fills every cup of excitement at IMT Nagpur. Milestone 35 infuses youthful expertise in finance, marketing, IT, HR, Operations and Economics. Of course, there’s lots more educational fun, IMT Nagpur style.

The date draws closer. Finaholics, IMT Nagpur’s Financial forum prepares for Armour-X – the ultimate war to protect Firdaus. The odds are stacked. The stakes are high. Groups of three warriors called the Sacred 3s will compete in two rounds using strategies and innovations they will bet to defend this sacred land.

Marketing forum’s Deportivos 360 is in two rounds. The qualifying round was a limited period online quiz. Qualifiers are invited to Round 2’s unique challenge – to market a least developed Indian sport. The teams will be given a brief background and info about the sport. They will need to formulate detailed realistic promotional strategies according to the set of rules.

StrategIT belongs to the IT forum at IMT NagpurComprix is their competition that is conducted in two rounds – one online and the second at IMT Nagpur’s campus. The IMT promise – each participating team, of two members each, gets a complete workout of their grey cells.

Held in three rounds, Croissance – from IMT Nagpur’s HR Forum, XploHRe, has its preliminary round on a Case Study Analysis. Shortlisted teams will progress for the next two rounds to IMT Nagpur.

Supply chain management is the key to success. Cyclops, the Operations forum, throws open Purverich, a game that gauges participant understanding of supply chain management. Rural India is the focus. The objective is to see how teams apply concepts and smoothen out hitches in supply chain management. Winners in the first online round make it to IMT Nagpur for round 2.

How will a country work without being economically sound?Impossible.  Okonomos, the Economics forum will judge just how well a team is prepared to take advantage of opportunities in their contest Kingdom of Throopence. Round 1 involved essay writing on any one of three subjects. Round 2 will involve teams sustaining themselves and increasing their wealth. Negotiations, quick decisions and presence of mind are the keys to success.

Rural India and Inclusive Growth is the focus of Vyaktitva’s Arcadia. This huge section of society faces unique challenges and needs innovative solutions to overcome them successfully. This event invited teams of two members each to work through three rounds.

Drama, always a part of life, is very much a part of Milestone 35. Rangmanch is hostingJagruti: A Nukkad Natak Spardha. Scripts poured in. Shortlisted ones will be presented on IMT Nagpur campus.

The non-competition part includes a yet to be announced surprise short film.

Brains sharpen. Milestone 35 draws closer. Every team has one goal. To win. And have loads of fun doing it.

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