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IMT Nagpur presents MARQUEPEDIA 2011

Summary: IMT Nagpur’s annual marketing event MARQUEPEDIA creates history each year with path breaking ideas and innovations. On 19 and 20 November, 2011, IMT Nagpur froths over with MARQUEPEDIA power.

Participants have their thinking caps firmly in place. IMT Nagpur is in the eye of all activity as students from B Schools across the nation gather here for the most exciting event of the year: MARQUEPEDIA 2011, on 19 and 20 November, 2011. The theme is expanding marketing horizons through new age media. It is enthralling because it is marketing. Even more so because of the attractive cash prize that is at stake. The winners take home a full and final amount of Rs. 25,000!

Guests Speakers  from the world of marketing will address the audience gathered at IMT Nagpur. The Guest Speakers include the very dynamic Mr. Robin Abraham – Founder Drizzlin Media, dapper and interesting Mr. Ranjit Nair, CEO, Germinait, and the high achiever Mr. Rajeev Shukla, CEO, Reliance North Region. They will talk about their take in the world of marketing – what succeeded for them, and how they got to where they’ve got using path breaking methods. All three guest speakers hold marketing in the highest esteem for what is a business without its customers? Drawing those customers in with innovative marketing strategies and keeping those marketing promises is paramount.

MARQUEPEDIA 2011 has a very innovative, unique workshop planned for all participants. Conducted by Mr. Aditya Popeneni, founder, Innogarage, the workshop will focus on the use of  Social Media: today’s trends and using it in a marketing perspective, to any company’s advantage. In focus will be all social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Blackberry, My Space, Linkedin, Youtube, Stumble upon, etc.

An added bonus for all workshop participants: a very good chance to win a fabulous Cash Prize. Yes, it’s true. Competition is the key here. May the best Social Media marketing brains win.

What is life without the Case Studies? MARQUEPEDIA 2011 completed the marketing picture with a completion that involves Case Studies. A professional draws from other’s experiences. Learns, innovates and creates their unique marketing reality.

Of course MARQUEPEDIA has a highly charged marketing Quiz planned. Questions, obviously will be all about the vast and mysterious universe that is marketing. Participants are busy brushing up their fundas and burying their noses in marketing history.

IMT Nagpur believes every participant is a winner and needs to be acknowledged. And with this in mind, every single participant goes home with a Participation Certificate.

MARQUEPEDIA is where marketing ideas are born and take quick shape. Some even move on to create history in the real marketing world.