“IMT Nagpur is my first love” says Shriram of PGDM

Away from the clamour of the concrete jungle of the city; very few colleges are blessed with a natural setting. Luckily IMT Nagpur is among those few. Established almost 35km from the city of Nagpur, one can get the magnificent view of the institute draped in a red bricks- dress sitting royally on the Katol road which itself is enveloped by the lush greenery from both the sides. Added to that, the long stretch of the road outside the college takes one to the rustic part in the outskirts of town which depicts the charmingly bucolic sight of beautiful farms and lakes nearby.

And this only adds a value to creative and talented minds of our student managers. Since there are many photographers among us – maybe novice or professional…who often come forward and capture the beautiful moments together! Maybe for a photography contest or out of sheer passion that makes these photographers to start clicking and capturing the moments which are then shared with everyone. Many forums and committees at the campus often organize events and photography contests to provide a platform where the love for the art of photography and nature could be recognized and awarded. And sky is the limit if you love cherishing the moments and if nature makes you smile. It could simply be a butterfly fleeting gently from one flower to the other or the orange sun hiding beyond the football ground or drops of rain flirting on hostel’s window glass or simply blooming flowers in the end of October inviting the onset of winter.

Waiting…they all are. The vivid sunset behind the farms, that long stretch of road to the lake, evanescent rays resting on the sunshine gate, black bird spreading out its wings, a small kitten outside the hostel, snails crawling at the feet…they are all waiting to be clicked…waiting for many more nature and photography lovers to come and capture a glimpse of them all!!

– Shriram