IMT-Nagpur in Kaavish Kidwai’s The Orange Diaries

IMT – Nagpur! Situated in limbo– Nagpur according to some, Dorli or Katol if you were to ask others.  To me, it feels like a district within itself. A civilisation even.  A microcosm set in 27 acres of land, a world in its own self where you interact with different people, different cultures.  There are all kinds of individuals, from diverse backgrounds – academically and culturally, each with a different set of values and a different and unique mentality.

One keeps hearing how the real learning in a B School takes place outside the classrooms and from the interactions you have with the faculty. At IMT Nagpur the facts speak for themselves.  One learns to navigate, negotiate, and manage hierarchies, bureaucracies, and situations.  One learns to convince, coax and cajole people.  Various forums and committees are like different departments that need to coordinate and work together.  You learn to take orders and learn leadership, to compromise, reach mutual understanding and work for a larger goal.

One learns self discipline as even order and discipline is self regulated and maintained by student bodies.  There are audits and hearings like a parliament (including the occasional tantrums like in the real one).

Finally there is the out-of-classroom interaction you have with your faculty.  The inputs and tips that one gets and the help one gets on any issue or problem are invaluable. All in all, it’s a complete melting pot where politics, culture, fun, frolic, ethics, work-life balance and other life lessons come together.


PGDM (2010-12)