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IMT Nagpur Hosts MSMECON 2011

Institute of Management Technology, Nagpur, hosted its 2nd International Conference on Management of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises(MSMECON-2011) on the 19th and 20th of August, 2011. Located at the IMT Nagpur campus, the conference brought together people from Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. Although they belonged to diverse backgrounds, the participants shared a common interest – improvement in their respective industries.


The objectives of the Conference were as follows:

  • To bring to light the huge, untapped potential of Micro, Small and Medium sized enterprises
  • To discuss problems and pitfalls faced in these enterprises
  • To analyze and bring out solutions to the above mentioned problems through exchange of ideas and research

Participants openly discussed their experiences in the business of micro, small and medium enterprises. The problems they faced and the solutions to those problems. At the conference, it became obvious that shared problems are problems halved, and for every difficulty there is a solution. Sometimes, simpler than originally imagined.


Academicians, practicing managers, industry researchers and scholarship students.


Every interested participant was required to submit an extract of his/her research paper by 15th June, 2011. The shortlisted candidates then submitted their final paper by 20th July. On the 19th and 20th of August, these shortlisted candidates gave their presentations to the panel of judges after which the two Best Track papers were selected.


Normal Track: Dr. S C Patil & Prof. Gopal Biradar

They came up with the findings of a survey of SMEs in Goa. Their paper spoke about maintenance of machinery, continuous improvement of the products, importance of customer service and top management planning. These are the most important factors determining SME success in Goa.

Doctoral Dissertation Track: Mr. C L Gurudatt

Mr. Gurudatt’s research paper was an analysis of the Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) implementation benefits in an SME Manufacturing firm with Just in Time (JIT) approach. It stressed on how JIT approach reduced inventory and other related costs in a manufacturing unit.


Apart from the two winning research papers, the following deserve a special mention:

Ashwini Kumar Patra: His research paper very intelligently brought forward the various components of business development services and strategies implemented by the business development providers.

Lissy Mathew: Her research paper spoke about the challenges of credit constraints, technological stagnation, poor infrastructure and manpower that are faced by Indian SMEs.


IMT, Nagpur, had also arranged a short trip to the Gandhi Ashram in Wardha on 19th August for the participants. It was a very pleasant and enriching experience for them and helped them bond in an environment outside the conference venue.


MSMECON – 2011 was a grand success. It had the quality that comes from the organization skills and intensely the detailed planning that comes with an IMT background.

Participants returned with pleasant memories and solutions to many problems.  MSMECON – 2011 succeeded in being the ideal platform that brought together different, brilliant minds. The ambience allowed for an exchange and flow of workable, effective ideas.